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KITAO: History of a century-old company Vol.2 (1950 ~ now)

Updated: May 26, 2022

In our previous blog, we talked about the first half of KITAO's history and how we restarted the business after World War 2.

Since the success of the new brand Robin, KITAO has started supporting countless skincare brands by creating quality products for their line, and focuses on products that help make people’s mind and body better.

We pioneered multiple supermarket and beauty salon offerings, including the high end Saint Laurent brand, and our Swan Skincare brand. KITAO exported Swan Skincare to the middle east, and had such a following it was imitated frequently.

In 1988 our CEO received an award from the Osaka Governor Sakae Kishi for his efforts in pharmaceutical health and hygiene.

To celebrate our 100 year anniversary, KITAO Cosmetics launched our KITAO MATCHA skincare line in 2019 to celebrate our long history, and honor our Japanese roots and culture as we came to an American market.

We look forward to wonderful things to come over the next 100 years!

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