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The Japanese Tea Ceremony

Updated: May 26, 2022

We would like to share a bit of our culture with you, and discuss why matcha is so special to us.

Kitao Matcha shars a story of a tea ceremony culture in Japan
Tea ceremony is a spiritual process

Kitao Matcha Skincare is made from tea leaves grown in Kyoto -- which is the center of Japanese tea making and central to our culture. Tea isn’t just a fancy drink we enjoy, it is a spiritual process. There is a special ceremony to prepare the tea, one where the participants find inner peace and tranquility, removing themselves from the busy, modern world. This ceremony takes place in a room, decorated with mats and a hanging scroll or flower arrangement, and cushions for guests to kneel. A full formal event lasts about 4 hours.

The host of the ceremony learns the art of serving tea over decades of mastery -- learning philosophy, aesthetics, art, and calligraphy along with the meticulous preparations of the tea.

The enjoyment of the guest is of the highest importance. Every detail is catered to their well-being.

Matcha is revered and incredibly special to us. We have known for centuries the ways it does wonders for our body and skin. This is why matcha, organically grown from Kyoto, Japan, is an integral part of our culture and our brand, Kitao.

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