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Celebrating Diversity Awareness Month with KITAO MATCHA: A Century of Beauty Innovation

A Picture of a Kitao Company Trip in Kyushu in the 60's. Employees and Their Families all together.
Cherished Moments: Our Company Journey to Kyushu in the '60s with Employees and Families.

Kitao Cosmetics, a beacon of diversity and innovation in the skincare industry, has been celebrating the beauty of diversity since its foundation in 1919. As a Japanese-owned, family-operated business, we pride ourselves on our rich heritage and the multicultural team that embodies the spirit of our company. This April, as we celebrate Diversity Awareness Month, we are excited to share not only our history but also the future directions of our brand.

A Legacy Built on Diversity and Quality

Matcha farm in Uji, Kyoto. Green terraced matcha plantation and people who work there.
Partner Supplier of Matcha Leaf in Uji Kyoto.

From its inception, Kitao Cosmetics has championed a philosophy that intertwines the richness of various cultures with our Japanese roots. Our journey through the decades has been guided by a commitment to quality and tradition, evident in our long-standing partnership with our Uji Matcha supplier. This relationship, built on mutual respect for heritage and excellence, has allowed us to create our signature Kitao Matcha skincare line, celebrated for its purity and effectiveness.

Diversity is more than just a concept at Kitao; it's our way of life. Our team, comprising talents from across Asia, brings a wealth of perspectives and creativity to our brand. This cultural synergy drives our innovation, leading to skincare solutions that cater to a global audience while staying true to our Japanese heritage.

Innovating for the Future: New Skincare Line Announcement

Kitao Cosmetics factory, filling bottles with machine and manually by technicians hand
Crafting Purity: Where Our Newest Skincare Magic Begins

This year marks a significant milestone for Kitao Cosmetics as we prepare to launch a new skincare line designed to complement every part of your daily routine, from morning to bedtime. This upcoming range promises to keep your skin in optimal condition, leveraging the natural benefits of Uji Matcha along with other premium superfood ingredients. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive skincare experience that embodies our dedication to diversity, quality, and innovation.

Embracing a Diverse Future

Three diverse women smiling, embodying natural beauty and skincare wellness

As we move forward, our commitment to celebrating diversity remains unwavering. We believe that beauty comes in many forms and should be celebrated in all its diversity. Our new product line is a testament to this belief, offering solutions that meet the needs of diverse skin types and lifestyles.

Kitao Cosmetics invites you to join us in embracing and celebrating diversity, not just this April but throughout the year. Together, we can appreciate the unique beauty each of us brings to the world, united by the shared goal of maintaining the health and vitality of our skin with products that reflect our values of inclusivity and respect for all cultures.


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